A couple of months ago I worked on a TV project to produce the trailer for the upcoming new Eve channel for TV Asia. A week long of shooting a number of models with a lot of different props playing various characters turned out to be an exciting project working with the fabuluous team behind TILT creative Agency. So find out what we produced in this week long team effort follow the link to view images and a clip at the end -

14 September 2014


Hello ...after a long time I am back again. I must admit I have been feeling a little guilty about not being present for quite some time. I think this whole blog writing is like an exercise what needs to be exercised regularly and continually. Well, I also have to admit that life took over probably a little too much for a period of time leaving me with little but no time left for anything. Here I am again, back with good intentions.

What have I actually been up to:

Well, work yes, some studying, some traveling, family, planning of vacations and overseas trips and a lot of other drips & drops here and there and before you know precious time is flying by and you still wanted to do so much more but actually also read one of those magazines pilling up which my dear sister sends from time to time. You want to switch off that head and not worry about how many things you still need to tick off from your to do list. Life has become so overly consumed and structured. We need to be present at so many places at once, if not in person then via some sort of social media platform.

I went to Europe with hubby and the little Miss Cheeky. Although we always try to catch up with friends & family where possible, there is always at least one or more people to whom we have to promise that next time we will make that extra effort. And so our list of people and places to visit keeps growing. Ed & I used to be like travel bugs during our days in London. It was so easy to go to places. I truly love Europe for its diversity, easy access to visit places, different cultures, foreign cuisine, people, languages and their stories. Maybe one day I become a travel commentator :).

Like a sponge that is how I feel sometimes or often actually. I enjoy reading other people's blogs, their passions, follow their creations, finding inspiration, looking for answers & advise. I think I have sponged enough for now. Time to take charge again and contribute my own input. I want to give this blog a new direction. Whether I will be successful or not we will see. All I have to do write & post and post & write. Images, stories, inspirations, people everything I come across and want to share. My blog won't be just about make up anymore, yes predominantly make up well mixed up with other stuff. 

That is enough information for now. Soon back for more!



07 August 2014

Real Weddings

Earlier last year I created the make up looks for one of my favorite bridal parties throughout the whole year. Not only was it the fun, lively & energetic atmosphere the girls created & I was sucked right into it, it was also the lush surroundings amidst a gorgeous little cottage stood. With the groom being Scottish, a tradition had to be followed of all men wearing kilts. A couple of those kilts I got to see which was very much to amusement of the brides father, who is Italian. See for yourself an excerpt from Rebecca & Steve's wedding covered by Real Weddings Magazine.

05 January 2014

Behind the Scenes with Poet

Here's a little behind the scenes capture from a recent shoot. A studio shoot with with photographer Savin and model Poet. 

15 December 2013

Thank You from Samantha Wills

Thank You gifts don't come every day!! Here is one I received from Samantha Wills after doing the make up & hair for three gorgeous girls who had arrived from their Sydney based head quarter for a big day out to mingle with all the greats across the fashion world at Derby Day!

25 November 2013

Horses, Heels & Fascinators

Every year Melbourne hosts its spring carneval as one of the most spectacular events of the year. From Oaks Day to Derby Day and Melbourne Cup. Choose your favourite day to join in a day of fashion glamour & horse racing action. Not only for horse racing lovers, here is where the fashion world mingles & shows off. Get out your best dress to impress with a matching fascinator and heels. Always very busy at this time of the year with my mobile hair & make up service as I get to visit a view clients on various days at ungoodly hours in the morning. This year I had the pleasure to work with the girls from Samantha Wills Jewellery ( Not only arrived the girls from Sydney, they were also so lovely & gorgeous that I chose to share a little snap shot of them before the headed off to the races on Derby Day.


11 November 2013

Musical Belly Painting

Today I'm sharing with you a couple of new images from a pregnant belly painting I did about a week ago. It is only occasionally that I have the pleasure to work with a pregnant client together on a little personal project as such. Even more special it feels to me considering that this is quite a unique experience when expecting a baby. Having gone through pregnancy myself with a now beautiful 2 year old daughter I remember how magical that time was. All the preparations you do for the arrival of the baby. Emotionally on a high as it is the most beautiful gift in life awaiting the time when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms. Therefore why not consider a pregnant belly painting! 9 months of pregnancy might seem long especially when you're getting bigger & bigger and also less comfortable with aches & pains, you name it, all part of the game. However some time later in life when those 9 months of your life seem like a distant memory you get to look back at images where the little life started to develop. What better way to remember is there other then looking at some beautiful artwork wrapped around the yet to be born life! More images can be viewed in my body painting gallery

Love - Britta

25 October 2013

It's Your day!

As soon as spring knocks on your door, the first sun rays tickle your nose, this is usually the time when bridal season here in Melbourne begins. Personally a huge fan of spring, I get excited to share the special day of my wonderful brides. Months and months of preparations, planning & organizing of THE day. It can leave some rather stressed, emotional & exhausted when finally there. With a suitcase full of beauty wizardry products I arrive in the morning to greet the bride & her bridal party. Often I get to visit a gorgeous hotel suite. The right atmosphere ads to the right feeling of the day. Let’s get pampered! Products are all laid out & the excitement is in the air. How often do you really have the chance, unless you are some sort of celebrity, to indulge on a professional make up & hair service, wear a spectacular dress and bling with magnificent jewellery?! This is the day and all eyes are on you.  We, as make up artists have witnessed this scenario many times and know exactly how to accommodate for you.  As a professional make up artist we will not only transform you into a more glamorous You, we are also there to invite you to some relax time, forget any worries and look forward to what’s ahead. Before you know it the bridesmaids will help you into your dress and the photographer snap away to capture life long memories. You are on your way to marry that special person in your life knowing that it will be a perfect day with perfect make up & hair.

If you are interested in finding out more about my bridal make up service, please contact me via email or phone 0410 438 303. For more bridal make up reference images check out


29 September 2013

180 mag

Earlier this month I received an email that one of my editorials had been chosen to be published. 180mag is an online platform for fashion & lifestyle and concentartes mainly on the photographic image itself. To see more simply follow the link below or check out my editorial gallery.

23 September 2013

Why MAC!

I often get asked by my clients why Mac! As a once Mac make up artist & ambassador for the brand I still share my passion in make up artistry with one of my favorite brands Mac. Mac products hardly ever fail what they promise. In this review I introduce & talk about some of my most beloved Mac products.

Face & Body is a water-based and water-resistant foundation that provides a long-lasting natural coverage for face and/or body. It is easy to blend and contains several emollients to moisturize the skin. If you are after a sheer but buildable foundation with a dewy finish, this is the one I would always highly recommend! If you are more after a matte finish and higher coverage, choose Studio Fix Fluid. It is only a small drop you will need to build a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Studio Fix Fluid is also the foundation I would use on an oily skin as it absorbs & disperses oil. Both foundations have been all-time keepers for my professional make up kit!

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, a luxurious face powder packed with minerals provides a satin finish. I use it to either set or fix foundation and always recommend it as touch-up products throughout the day. I got so many of my clients hooked on this powder. Its the best!

Concealer - which ones have you tried and it either wasn't the right shade, formula or coverage? My little Mac Select Moisturecover babies have traveled with me long & far over the years. They blend in for a natural satin-smooth ultra-moisturized finish. You can layer up for added coverage. I use my Mac #217 brush to apply & buff it in and/or my fingertips for dapping it smoothly on. I generally leave the concealer until the almost last after eye make up & foundation are done and achieve every time that WOW-effect! Make sure you've got the right shade. A concealer needs to be a little lighter then your foundation and if you tend to have blue under-eye-rings go for a pink/red based shade opposed to yellow!


Until next time,


14 August 2013